21. Mistakes Into Miracles

We have all suffered the terrible consequences of other people’s wicked actions, be it a result of anger, jealousy, enmity, or pure spite. However, it is one thing when we suffer because of what other people have done, and another thing when we suffer because of what we have done. We all do silly things, stupid things, and worst of all, sinful things! When this happens, we believe we have lost all favor with God. But is this true?

While it is easy to believe that God may be sympathetic toward us when other people do us wrong and consequently set things right, it is more difficult to think that God will be as favorable when we are the ones who have messed up. This is not just because of the guilt and shame we feel, but the voices of people around us telling us we have blown our chances and will have to suffer the consequences of our actions for all eternity. 

We haven’t. Because you see, we serve a great God. He has wonderful plans for us that take into account even the mistakes we make along the way. He doesn’t expect us to lead perfect lives because he knows us only too well. So, he factors these “mistakes” into his plans and uses them to teach us and grow us, even as he prepares to work his miracle in our lives. 

What miracle is that? Restoration. One of the greatest works of God is the forgiveness of sins. God is love. We have turned that into something of a cliche, but it is true. And his love is expressed through his mercy. Who can he extend this to but the sinner? The world might turn its back on us when we make mistakes, but God never will. On the contrary, he will turn to face us, embracing us and assuring us of his great love. Then, when he sees contrition, not only will he help us clean up our mess, he will also raise us as an example for the world to see. 

If we have ever wondered why God is so gracious to those who seem to have failed him the most, it is because it allows him the opportunity to display his love and mercy so that a lost and struggling world can find hope. The much-quoted but little understood Parable of the Prodigal Son that Jesus told is an example of this (see Luke 15:11-32). 

So, if you have fallen, no matter how miserably, know that God is going to make a miracle out of your mistake, and raise you higher than you were before. This isn’t because you are special; it is because he is.

God bless you.