Preacher, Preach

Many many years ago
In a land very far away
People turned away from the Lord
And had gone their wicked way
It wasn’t too long before their hearts
Had turned to hearts of stone
Their spirits grew weak and their souls grew rotten
And their flesh turned to dry bone
In such a time when hope was lost
And there was only despair
God raised a man with a heart after his
And this is what he said:

Preacher, talk to the heartless people,
Preacher, preach to the fleshless bones,
Preacher, say to the faithless wanderers,
You should return to the ways  of the Lord,

And if they heed the word that I tell them,
I will cover them with new skin,
I will put my breath upon them,
And I will send my Spirit Wind.

Now we’re living in another age,
But things are the same again,
Folks have turned away from the Lord,
And are living lives full of shame,
Just like the people of years gone by
Their hearts are just like stone,
They have no love for God or men,
And they’re just like dead bones.
God is saying to men he’s chosen,
That he’s sending out into the cold,
Set forth, don’t be afraid,
Just go and speak my word.

Preacher, talk to the congregation,
Preacher, preach to the hearts of stone,
Preacher, tell them what I told Ezekiel,
That I will put new flesh on bone,

Preacher, preach the name of Jesus,
And tell of his love for men,
Preacher, speak about life hereafter,
And the place that waits for them.

Preacher, preach of God the Father, 
Preacher, preach about the Son, 
Preacher, tell them about the Spirit,
And how the triune God is one.

Preacher Preach!